A firm belief that education is the way to move forward ensures that the primary goals of teachers is to help get as many kids into university as possible. It is this dedication and passion that moves Thailand, and the world forward.

Major: Agriculture
Masters: Education Management

Mr Mana has had a wealth of experience in the education system. Having spent 25years working for a primary school, of which 20years were spent teaching Agriculture and the remaining 5years spent as the Director.

He joined Phayalaw Wittayakhom in 2008 and has been Director for the school since. Heading projects such as the re-development of the schools teaching system.

Our Staff

Mr. Mana



Major: Sports Science

Masters: Education Management

Mr Wirat has 25years of experience in primary school teaching and management, as well as 7years of English teaching as well as management experience with Phayalaw Wittayakhom.


Major: English

Masters: English

Kru-Ni Watt has 5years of experience teaching in primary education and a further 6years of education teaching the secondary education sector.


He is currently the head of the Foreign Languages Department in Phayalaw Wittayakhom School, as well as the head of the schools Budget Department.

Mr. Wirat

Deputy Director

Kru-Ni Watt

Head of Foreign Languages