Start Date: 4.6.2012​

Update 16/01/2013: Since the project started more than 6 months ago, the school has taken major steps in order to build a new accommodation for volunteers! They have spent a great deal of time and money in order to improve their accommodations to better suit current and future volunteers.

Please click here or go to the Gallery to view the new accommodations!

Pj 1: House Renovations 

Pj 2: Setting Up Student Council and Monetary Fund

Start Date: 27.5.2012​

The Student Council and Monetary Fund initiative is one that was thought up by a volunteer in order to help the students govern themselves and empower them with responsibility. Furthermore the Monetary Fund is to help students learn how to fund raise for themselves by helping the community around them in order to buy equipment for themselves.

Pj 3: Website Up-Keep and Promotion of the School

Start Date: 26.4.2012​

This website was created by one of our volunteers in the hope that it will help attract more people to come and volunteer and help out at Phayalaw Wittayakhom School. The website needs to be updated on a weekly basis as well as any upgrades and any recently captured images need to be uploaded.