Our small organization has grown rapidly since its time of inception in 2012. We began this organization with the dream of helping Phayalaw school find great volunteers. In order for us to continue doing this we must now humbly request a payment in order to cover our costs and continue offering this great experience! 


​Why are we so much Cheaper than other volunteer experiences? This is because we are a small group of individuals who do this on a volunteer basis as we believe in what we are doing. We put a lot of time and energy into running this website and have over-heads that we must cover, which is where the Admin Fee goes. The Weekly Fee goes to the school to help pay for meals and accommodation for volunteers.


Note: All payments are made via Paypal for the safety of Volunteers, as well as ourselves.

Admin Fee (optional): US$35


Our Admin Fee is optional for all volunteers. We are attemping to make our small organization more sustainable by rewarding those that do the tedious work (eg. replying 10 emails a day & answering all questions in a timely manner).


Therefore by pay this fee, you will know you are supporting us and helping us expand our organization to offer the same experience to others. 

Weekly Fee's: US$35 per week


Weekly Fee's of US$35 are requested in order to cover Accommodation and Food* for volunteers







*In some cases the school may not be able to afford the cost of food for volunteers, in which case this will need to be negotiated.