Getting Involved

"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela

​Teaching English

Currently the easiest way of contributing to Phayalaw Wittayakhom School is by applying to be a volunteer teacher at the school. This is what all our volunteers currently do as their main purpose of stay. Outside of teaching there are a number of activities that volunteers may join in if they would like to contribute more. Volunteers will be assigned class schedules of between 1 - 5 periods per day from Monday to Friday. Volunteers will teach with a qualified English teacher and have the opportunity to either follow class plans from the text book, or make their own lesson plans.

​Activities Outside of Class

Many students are very willing to participate in activities outside of class. This could be either sport related activities or arts and crafts. Volunteers have the opportunity to suggest new activities and clubs and lead them. Certain activities may need prior acknowledgement by a teacher in charge, however all new ideas and suggestions are welcome.

Volunteer Projects and Donations

As a volunteer at Phayalaw Wittayakhom you will have the opportunity to suggest new projects that you feel would benefit students. Alternatively you could choose to carry on with one of the projects that are underway. The school is open to learning new ways of doing things and new ways of teaching that volunteers might bring with them, and as long as it is seen to enrich students learning, it could likely be implemented. In terms of Donations, Phayalaw is looking to empower its students with responsibility. This includes the likes of the conception of the Student Council and Monetary Fund, which is an avenue for students to look to for funds for school activity related equipment they might require or need replacing. Donations made can be sent to this fund or any other of the many projects underway.