Hi there potential volunteer! This page lists a number of Frequently Asked Questions. 
Please feel free to email us at volunteeratphayalaw@gmail.com with any other questions you may have!

  1. How do I get to the school?

If you are coming from Chiang Rai or Phayao, a teacher from school may be able to pick you up. This is offered at the convenience of the school and at their discretion.


  1. The address of Phayalaw School?

529 Moo 11 Thungroungthong, Sub district,Chun district, Phayao Province. 


  1. Where do I stay while volunteering?

We guarantee accommodation for every volunteer. A simple but hygenic single room with basic necessities. This includes a Bed, Closet and fan. (Special requirements may be available on request)


  1. Visa Process?

We are currently working on this.

  1. Do we accept long term volunteers?

Our preference is forstayingIf you would like to stay longer please contact us with your request.


  1. What is the average English level of students at Phayalaw School?

The English level of students at Phayalaw School varies.  Many students have acquired some Basic English and they are able to have simple conversations. Some older, talented students are near fluent.


  1. How many volunteers are we having?

Generally between 1constantly changing.


  1. What is the work for volunteers at Phayalaw School?

You will be given a teaching schedule on your first day consisting of between 3-4 hours of teaching per day. You will begin by teaching with one of the school's English teachers. When confident to do so, Volunteers have the opportunity to create their own teaching plans and even take classes on their own – at the discretion of the teacher.


  1. Do I work on weekend?

NO! NO! NO! Weekends are always free for volunteers to explore Thailand or a neighbouring country!


  1. Is food provided for Volunteers?

Yes, food is provided to volunteers 5 days of the week. Over the weekend volunteers will need to buy their own food. (Please note special requirements.)


  1. Can I contact with some previous volunteers for getting some information before I come to Phayalaw?


  1. Is there internet access at Phayalaw School?

Yes! We have WIFI internet access at Phayalaw School. You can bring your laptop. Alternatively we also have some computers available for basic usage.


  1. What should I wear for teaching?

Due to the Thai traditional culture, teachers are not supposed to dress casually. In summer time, T-shirts and shorts are acceptable. However, nothing should be above the knees and shoulders should be covered.


  1. What is the local weather like?

In summer it is can be quite hot, average temperatures can be over 30 degrees Centigrade. During winter layered clothing is advised during night time.


  1. What are the surroundings around Phayalaw?

There are beautiful fields around Phayalaw School, small shops, restaurants and a market nearby. Many students and teachers live nearby, if your lucky they may allow you to visit them.


  1. What is the schedule of Phayalaw School?

1st Semester: End May - End September

2nd Semester: End October – End of February

(Please note the school will not accepting volunteers during the holiday period.)


  1. What should I bring when I am going to Phayalaw School?

Our Suggestions: 

1)     Photocopy of your passport

2)     Plug adapters (alternatively you could purchase one or two there)

3)     Mosquito repellent

4)     Sun screen

5)     Any prescription medicine you require + take some extra for emergency

6)     Small torch

7)     Lots of reading material (you may have entire days off and will need to entertain yourselves)

8)     Blood donor/type card

9)     Clothing for warm climate

10)  Sports clothes/shoes

11)  Jandals/Sandals/Slippers/Thongs (whatever else you may call them!)

12)  Camera (Take a lot of photos!)

13)  Pictures, maps or anything that can represent your country. (Students are extremely interested in novel things. Also it is a good way to get along well with them! )

14)  Enthusiasm and patience